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Tuesdays is in Germany Sexflaute announced – Not with us!

Read at your own risk!

Tuesday is the day when very few people in Germany have sex. Why do you think that is and what can we do about it? A comment by our author Stella:



A morning show on the radio this morning was exceptionally about sex. Of course I listened carefully, because it is much more interesting than the weather or the traffic. I think it’s even more exciting than the news, but I’m sure everyone thinks differently.

Anyway, I found out something new: The least popular day for sex is Tuesday! But why? Unfortunately, the radio presenters couldn’t give a satisfactory answer either and just joked around. On Tuesdays one is still exhausted from the party weekend, frustrated by the Monday and therefore has less desire. Could that be?

For me personally, it makes no difference what day of the week it is. Sex with the right partner is heaven at all times. Whether during the week for stress reduction, for distraction, from love, desire, passion, as sporty activity, or however on weekends slept in with completely much time and leisure or however inebriated at night after going out. Sex liberates. Sex makes you happy. Sex burns calories. Sex fulfils inner longings, it distracts us from our everyday life. I could go on like this forever, but instead I’d rather use the time and encourage you to more!



In fact, Saturday is the most popular sex day, closely followed by Sunday morning and Friday evening. Why must there even be ready-made times for sex? Where’s the thrill and the spontaneity? The barely sex day really stayed in my head for a long time and I think we should do something about it! It’s not like that! Poor Tuesday always gets a raw deal. I cannot accept this.

So here are a few tips and ideas on how we can give Tuesday – or our love life in general – a little more momentum.

  1. Secretly set the alarm 15 minutes earlier on Tuesdays and then get to the man, or just the woman
  2. Put on particularly beautiful underwear
  3. Sending your partner secretly a hot selfie to work
  4. Order a new Sextoy, which arrives on Tuesdays by chance
  5. Just start playing with yourself in the evening on the couch
  6. Pay a short visit to your partner in the office
  7. Naked, only waiting with high heels and blindfolded eyes for your partner to return home
  8. Wear a short skirt or a little dress, just pretend you lost something on the floor, and crawl for it
  9. Start a spontaneous pampering massage
  10. Reading from a sex book
  11. porn karaoke
  12. Pretend you’re too hot to do a striptease
  13. Leave out the panties completely
  14. Reach under the long tablecloth in the restaurant and stroke your partner’s leg promisingly
  15. Spontaneously drink to something – alcohol supports the lust

Tips for Singles


Always set your dates on a Tuesday! Or, take Tuesday as your personal day or evening of relaxation. Take a hot bath, listen to your favourite music or for a change an erotic audiobook and then just have a good time. Masturbation is also sex and so you too can make your contribution to finally make poor Tuesday completely happy.

What day is today anyway?