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Because She Is Worth It! Gift Ideas For Your Maid of Honour

She’s always by your side, your bridesmaid! Now it’s time to say thank you! Gift ideas for your maid of honor

It’s time. Finally he asked you the crucial question and now you’re planning the big party you’ve been dreaming about so much since you were a little girl! Besides your family and of course your chosen one, your dearest friends are an important part of this adventure. Your maid of honor and bridesmaids will probably not leave your side in the coming months, organize your bachelorette party, try on hundreds of dresses with you, get through every emotional crisis, run to the gym with you and make you the unspoken center of all their attention for a while. In short: They will give everything for you, so they deserve something very special back!


We have collected the cool gift ideas for your maid of honor, with which you can say “thank you” ideally and with all your heart!


Our absolute favourite is of course jewellery. “Diamonds are a girl´s best friend” and they will, hopefully like your friendship, last forever. How about a delicate bracelet with engraved initials that connects you all together? Depending on the size of your budget you can definitely find something that will make your friends’ eyes sparkle!

But maybe you want to give your girls a little rest after months of exertion? What do you think about a wellness weekend together, where you can relax together after the wedding and have a good time. Near Berlin, for example, there is the hotel “zur Bleiche” in the Spreewald, where you and your friends can book the “Women Spa” exclusively for a whole day. In cuddly bathrobes and with a glass of champagne in your hand, your friendship is best celebrated, isn’t it?


Next on our list is a nice cashmere, or pashmina cloth in the respective favorite colors of the recipient. With your initials embroidered on it is even more special, because this way your girls can cuddle up wonderfully and always carry you and your thoughts with them.

Last but no least: A perfume in a personalised bottle, or with a beautiful engraving. So your girlfriend can wrap herself in the scent of memory. Who is not happy about a perfume bottle that adorns the words: “For my dearest bridesmaid…”.


Of course, each of your bridesmaids will also receive a framed wedding picture of all of you, so she won’t forget that she was an indispensable part of the most beautiful day of your life!