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11 1/2 Things You Should Know Now About The World Cup

It starts tomorrow: The 2018 World Cup in Russia.

We will follow the trip of our DFB team and in the next weeks we will discuss exciting topics that came to our mind in the editorial office on the topic of the 2018 World Cup. Today starts with 11 1/2 things you should know:

1) Record-breaking: Our DFB team has played a total of 106 World Cup matches so far.

2) Space for 35,000 fans: The smallest World Cup stadium is in Kaliningrad.

3) The 1954 Berne miracle was the only World Cup final ever to take place in the rain.

4) The richest game 12 goals: Austria – Switzerland 7:5 at the 1954 World Cup!

5) At the World Cup in Russia not only some new rules apply, there are also amazing facts about the tournament.

6) 736 players will participate in the 2018 World Cup: 96 goalkeepers, 248 defenders, 233 midfielders and 159 strikers.

7) For the first time, smartphones and tablets are allowed for communication between trainers on the bench and assistants in the stands.

8) The largest World Cup stadium is the Luschniki Olympic Stadium in Moscow with 81,000 seats.

9) There are 3000 kilometres between Ekaterinburg and Kaliningrad stadiums. In total, fans who want to cover this distance by car will be on the road for 40 hours.

10) The DFB team consists not only of the 11 players on the pitch, but of more than 90 people.

11) For the jersey of the DFB team, approx. 153,000 metres of yarn are used per World Championship.

11 1/2) In 1966 the trophy was stolen in England! But: dog Pickles found him during a walk!