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Look Of The Week: All About Stripes

We’ll show you the perfect look for your next girls’ day!

Do you know it too? Every morning you stand in front of the wardrobe and have nothing to wear. It’s usually not the clothes, but rather the inspiration. That’s why we’re showing you our look of the week:



Weekend, the sun is shining, it is not too warm….. So it’s a dream. And it’s even better if you can spend the whole day with your favorite girls. Whether for breakfast, a shopping tour in the city or simply for hours of coffee. With this cool outfit you are perfectly equipped for it. Stripes are trendy right now – but it’s getting really boring to see only the blue-white or white-blue shirts. That’s why we’ve combined a cool wrap blouse with casual flare pants. Now you’ll probably think, me and my big legs in flare pants?? Yes, it works and it even stretches! Even small women can wear flare pants, which only have to be adjusted in such a way that the blow also starts when shortening the pants from the middle of the shinbone. And always combine high heels. With the wedges you can walk around town all day without your feet hurting. In the Shopper of Aldo everything has place. Sunglasses, shopping, powder, facial spray, etc. Anything that needs to go in a purse. And with the funny mobile phone cover you bring an extra portion of good mood into the day. We wish you a great day with your girls!