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Editorial: Dress For Success

We’re showing you a selection of wicked OFFICE LOOKS – elegant femininity going beyond ”business as usual“.

Certain branches set a strict dress code which may overcomplicate the choice of your outfits significantly. Always the same two-piece or these pinching suit pants? We’re sick and tired of that! Our February Issue’s Business Special was the perfect occasion to browse through our wardrobe for creating cool looks that are elegantly feminine.




Furthermore, we’ve been asking ourselves if women must dress like men to demonstrate their power? We’ve asked this question to Melanie-Jasmin Jeske, CEO of Michelberger PR “In my opinion, women don’t need to dress like men and they must not behave like them to be successful. But many branches still expect women to look exactly like their male colleagues – dark suit and light shirt – the subtle business attire that does not allow for individuality. It’s a shame that in some sectors the required style of dress does not make a difference between men and women. And I find it quite odd to think that suits and blazers work as well for women as they do for men, in reality, they often look bulky”, Melanie explains. And we share her opinion, big time!

We women don’t need a masquerade, and we must not hide. We may as well look reliable in figure-hugging dresses, cool pants and sexy skirts. Expertise and competence count, not the appearance! Thus, ladies, give it a go and dare trying something new! Have a fun shopping:

Translation: Danielle De Bie