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The Day After The Big Day

What a wedding! In front of hundreds of guests and millions of spectators worldwide, Meghan and Harry married each other at Windsor Castle.

A love between a simple actress and the coveted Prince of England, a modern fairy tale has come true! Meghan looked to fall in love with in her simple dress with an extra long veil and the updo with the tiara the queen lent her for the occasion.

For a year they plan and organize this one day, which is supposed to be the most beautiful in life, the biggest party they have ever celebrated. At your wedding you let yourself be styled, dance half the night through, stand on high heels all day, greet and say goodbye to so many people and celebrate as if there were no tomorrow. If not now, when?

After the wedding night, the next morning comes.
Well, such a royal wedding is already a completely different league, but also Meghan Markle cooks only with water and is certainly just as whacked the next day. We always talk about the preparations for the big day, but what about the day after?


Six tips to get back in shape quickly

interchangeable showers
The day was long and you certainly looked deep into the glass (rightly!). A look in the mirror confirms this: The skin surface is dry, one is pale and the dark circles around the eyes are clearly more visible than usual. Alcohol drains moisture from the skin and reduces its elasticity. After a good night’s sleep in the shower and the last 5 minutes alternating cold and hot showers à la Kneipp – end cold. Through the body you quickly take up a lot of water again and through the alternating showers the skin is strongly supplied with blood and again bounces beautifully.

alkaline bath
Excessive alcohol consumption overacidifies the body. For bathing mermaids: With a base bath, the pH value returns to equilibrium in no time. Soak in a bath at 38 degrees, add 3 heaped tablespoons of base powder (or soda powder for baking) to the water and switch off for 20 minutes. Afterwards only wash off with lukewarm or cold water. Not only for the body an absolute recovery, but also for the skin. After the base bath the skin is baby soft and smooth. I promise!


anti-hangover shot
This tip does not really belong in the beauty department, but definitely has an effect on beauty. I ordered and tried Anti-Hangover-Shots and can say that they help really well! You take a bottle the night before and one after getting up. The shots are packed with electrolytes, plant substances and vitamins and replenish the mineral balance. The next day you not only feel better, you also look better!


Sheet Masks
Anyone who reads my articles knows that I am an absolute Sheet Mask lover. Apply to cleansed skin, leave to work for 20 minutes, remove and massage in the rest. Afterwards the skin is moisturized, rosy and firm again. My Beauty SOS tip with instant effect. If you don’t know which mask is best for you, just have a look here. I have tested over 70 masks and put together the best for dry, dull and oily skin.

Just add water
Drink, drink, drink – 2-3 litres of water and unsweetened tea such as chamomile and peppermint spread throughout the day. This allows the moisture reservoirs to replenish from the inside.

foot packages
You’ve been in high shoes all day? No matter how comfortable the high heels are, after 10 hours of standing and dancing your feet are swollen, your shoe gets tighter and there are pressure points. The next day your feet hurt. An ice bath reduces the swelling and a light massage stimulates the lymph flow again. Foot masks, which can be put on like socks, quickly conjure up velvety soft paws again.