© Simon Alibert

Festival: What´S In My Bag?

The festival season starts soon and I am eagerly awaiting the start.

There is no better excuse to throw glitter in your face, dance all day long and let yourself be carried by the good vibe.

Of course we all want to look great with our wicker hairstyles and beach waves and the make-up should last the whole day. On the other hand, we don’t want to carry a whole make-up and hair arsenal with us, either in the tent or in the festival bag.


Therefore here are my 8 Beauty Essentials for the Festival Bag, with which you are prepared for all eventualities.

1) Coconut water spray: Whether for priming, refreshing make-up or as a refreshment in between: The spray moisturizes the skin and leaves it super soft. Smells pleasant and discreetly of coconut without being intrusive.

2) Baby powder: “What is baby powder doing in the beauty corner?” you ask yourself? Baby powder is a super all-rounder. I always have one in my pocket and use it as a dry shampoo substitute, as deodorant, if necessary also as face powder and above all against rubbing thighs and sweating feet. The best thing about it: You smell good and it is absolutely harmless even in larger quantities.

3) Powder Foundation: Powdery make-up is perfect for your bag. They do not leak and can withstand warm temperatures. The velvety finish eliminates the need for matting.

4) Multi Protect Spray: I am really grateful for this invention: A moisture spray with sun protection factor, which has an antioxidant effect and thus protects against environmental influences, but can also be applied over make-up.

5) Disinfection: Cleansing gels are the be-all and end-all when you’re at festivals and can’t constantly wash your hands. Many cleansing sprays dry out the hands and should not lie too long in the sun, therefore I am a fan of gels. Mercy Handy’s “Oh Lemon” (there are different odor directions) absorbs well and eliminates bad odors.

6) Red lips: …to kiss, but also as an accessory. They freshen up and look like glamour make-up, even if you only mascara your eyelashes. Matt lip gloss and lipsticks last 4-8 hours.

7) Make-up kit: Make-up products in kits are smaller than the